The goal of the Climate Media & Culture Net is to help encourage fresh and popular approaches to climate change from people working across the entire range of the creative and cultural industries. We want to shake up preconceptions within the creative sector that climate change can only be dull and depressing. We want to show makers of all sorts – writers, producers, artists, curators and commissioning editors that climate change touch all aspects of human life and is rich with potential for creative approaches.   We hope that these new approaches will help engage more of the public in appreciating the potential of climate change to influence our lives.

The Net will be a new independent resource for professionals working in the media and cultural events and creations.  The Net’s focus will be on popular mainstream content and events including tv, theatre and online entertainment, comedy, drama, soaps, sitcoms. We are also working on art shows, stand up comedy and even retail store events.

Our interest is not to push any particular line on climate change but rather to bring the subject into the mainstream of  public awareness and conversation.


The Net will be a place to help with ideas development – we will both initiate new ideas for media and cultural content/events and help support ideas brought to us by others.

The Net has a worldwide network of experts involved in all aspects of climate change: scientists, military & business leaders, NGO’s, advertising agencies, independent producers, farmers, sailors, artists, writers, bloggers.

The Net will actively seek out new talent and is currently setting up a monthly writers room for comedy writers.


Nick Comer-Calder worked at the BBC and was Senior Vice President of Discovery Networks Europe. As an Associate Fellow of the Institute for Public Policy Research Nick initiated the IPPR’s Media Leaders and Climate Change Initiative.


The Net has had funding from the European Climate Foundation.

The work of The Climate Media & Culture Net is advised and supported by a board of senior scientists, media professionals and communications experts.

Richard Black                         Director,  Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit

Arlo Brady                               Managing Director, Freud Communication

Nick Mabey                              Managing Director, E3G

Mark Maslin                             Professor of Climatology, UCL

James Painter                          Reuters School for the Study of Journalism

Chris Rapley                            Professor Climate Science, UCL

Tim Samuels                            Creative Director, Tonic Productions

Emily Shuckburgh                  Head of Open Oceans, British Antarctic Survey

Mark Stevenson                      Author (An Optimist’s Tour of the Future) & Futurologist

Rory Sutherland                     Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy

Helen Veale                             Creative Director, Outline Productions

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