Programme ideas

We have incubated a number of ideas for drama, comedy and factual programmes. We are in discussion with writers and production companies about developing these to full proposals. The list below is indicative of the range of subjects and approaches.

Joined Up Thinking sitcom about a chaotic climate change quango

Drama comedy about a punky teen and her disfunctional family trying to cope with carbon rationing.

Windy – romish com about youngsters in a small town caught up in fight for and against wind farm.

Fracking Grannies – north country seniors take on nasty frackers.

Flood! Drama doc about London threatened by combination of extreme weather events.

Bumpy Ride – doc about increased threat of massive clear air turbulence hits on passenger aircraft.

Windfall – investigative doc about unscrupulous profiteers from climate change.

Rich Hideaways – doc about uber-rich buying up remote hideaway for them to run to when things get rough.